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Reveal the Divine Purpose of Your Life

Quantum Angelic Healing

Quantum AURA Hypnosis, Angelic Alchemy Healing, Holistic Healing
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Hello my Divine Soul Family, 

My Angelic Spirit Guides


Higher Self have lead me to

my life path as a Spiritual Energy Healer.


A path where I’m meant to

aid in the healing of GAIA for ascension.


Be of assistance to those who are ready

to let go of vibrations that

no longer serve them


Release energies that keep them dense

and stagnate,

blocking their soul's truest expression

and evolution. 

I invite you to go within

For the answers that you seek.

Your higher self holds your

soul blueprint  and wants to assist you

in discovering your highest timeline

for ascension & your soul's evolution. 

I am a Quantum Alchemist,

Quantum Alchemy Channel to the Divine,

 &  Quantum Hypnosis Practitioner

I am certified in several holistic energy healing modalities:

~ Certified A.U.R.A Quantum Hypnosis Practitioner   (With the aid of Angels and sacred alchemy symbols)

~ Certified Reiki Angelic Alchemy Healer (R.A.A.H)

~ Certified Quantum Akashic Record Reader 

~ Certified Quantum Alchemy Channel

~ Certified Quantum Alchemy Energy Healer


My Infinite Love 

Quantum Angelic Healing

Welcomes You

On a Beautiful Journey


Self Empowerment and Healing

Have you ever wondered about the

reason for your existence?


The choices you make?


The relationships you have?


Deep down in your soul,

you have an inner knowing that

programs/ belief systems within society

may not be ideal

for your soul’s growth?


Why have you been born upon Earth

into a particular family?


What is the origin of your soul?


 What causes certain events in your life?

It’s because of these questions

and my longing to know my Higher Self,

and life purpose that I started on

my spiritual journey.


A journey that has led me on

this beautiful path


true self discovery and healing.

Services Offered:

~A.U.R.A Quantum Hypnosis -

Angelic Universal Regression Alchemy


~R.A.A.H Reiki - Reiki Angelic Alchemy Healing


~Quantum Home and Space Clearings

(coming soon)


~Quantum Galactic Akashic Readings

( coming soon)

hypnosis healing 

Lit Candles

A.U.R.A. Quantum Hypnosis allows you to receive healing and find answers to the questions we hold deepest in our hearts.

reiki energy healing

Reiki Therapy

Energy healing and sister of  the A.U.R.A regression modality with the exception of the hypnosis state